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Our Process Innovation Services


Process Improvement

We identify and assess pain points in your organization's current business and operational processes. We collaborate with you to design more effective procedures, and train the folks impacted, so they gain understanding and comfort. We also identify process gaps and develop solutions to fix them.

Project examples:

  • Improving internal collaboration, communications & ways of working

  • Optimizing workflows by function (manager , IT support, etc.)

  • Revamping employee onboarding


Change + Project Management

We bring process innovation to meet your organization's needs in change management (helping people adapt to new changes) and project / program management (for new and in-flight initiatives). We provide design, planning, and support for folks impacted by what's new or changing in the org.

Project examples:

  • Launching new projects / programs

  • Conducting market mapping and landscape analysis

  • Building organizational resiliency

Leadership Development

We equip leaders with an innovation mindset and essential skills required to effectively manage themselves and their staff and volunteers. We provide practical approaches, tools, and accountability to help clients solve their challenges and grow as professionals.

Project examples:

  • Coaching org. leaders / founders

  • Designing and facilitating staff development workshops

  • Creating volunteer development plans

What is Process Innovation?

Process innovation is focused on introducing new methods, strategies, or systems that bring about positive changes in how businesses operate. These interventions are aimed at improving efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity within an organization, and subsequent reduction of corporate costs. The innovation process involves analyzing existing processes and identifying areas for improvement. After putting these new techniques into place, the goal is to improve resource use, streamline procedures, improve operational performance, and achieve better outcomes.

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