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My Process

My 4-phase approach is designed to ensure a smooth and successful project journey, as we work together to achieve your goals.

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  • Begin by assessing the key factors required for planning, including organizational and individual background, priorities, challenges, and strengths. This analysis creates a clearer understanding of the context and critical points for effective planning.

  • Together, we'll confirm the scope, timeline, and deliverables to set clear objectives and expectations for our work together.



  • Conduct a deep dive into the current gaps and pain points related to the people, processes, and systems which are impacting your organization -- and summarize these findings in a discovery report.

  • Based on this assessment, I'll design an action plan to tackle your challenge. The plan keeps us on track to complete the deliverables efficiently, and includes key performance indicators to track our progress.

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Image by Agnieszka Boeske



  • Implement the action plan, providing the necessary adjustments along the way based on feedback and lessons learned. If you prefer to take the lead, I'll ensure you have the resources required for a successful execution.

  • Provide ongoing support and accountability for you and your team. Together, we’ll navigate both anticipated and unforeseen challenges to ensure a successful implementation.



  • Once the changes have been implemented, I'll collect key metrics and feedback to ensure successful adoption of the changes and optimization for future improvements.

  • My commitment doesn't end with project completion -- informal coaching and support are available to keep you accountable and support your progress.

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