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What I've Learned

Every year, organizations suffer substantial revenue and productivity losses due to ineffective management, unhealthy work cultures, and operational challenges. Research shows:

  • Disengaged employees cost companies up to 34% of their annual salary in lost productivity (Gallup).

  • 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver the expected business benefits (McKinsey).

  • Personnel management issues lead to higher turnover rates and reduced motivation (University of California).

🔎 From my years of experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and small-to-midsize businesses, I've witnessed how these types of issues stifle business growth and harm workplace culture. Through this, I've learned effective approaches to tackle them.

🚀 I launched Ives Consulting LLC to help businesses and non-profits solve organizational challenges and significantly boost their impact.

🛠 Together, we can improve your organizational culture, strengthen core management skills, create project management workflows, secure new grants, and more!

👋 I'd love to connect and explore how I can help you. Please send me a message or schedule time to chat.

What Is Process Innovation?

I take a process innovation approach to solving problems. Process innovation introduces new methods, strategies, and systems to improve business operations and people management. It's focused on increasing productivity, generating creativity, and meeting people where they are -- similar to design thinking.


My process starts by mapping current workflows and identifying areas for growth, so that we can design solutions which optimize resources, streamline processes, and improve how individuals and teams get work done.

Project Meeting

My Services


Boosting Organizational Effectiveness

Identifying pain points and gaps in your current workflows and operations, and designing solutions to resolve issues and improve ways of working.


Services include:

  • Diagnosing and improving workflows, and training end users.

  • Delivering plans to improve internal collaboration and external reach.

  • Designing systemic approaches for core functions, including people management.

Project examples:

  • Training a non-profit leadership team and creating checklists for leading effective staff meetings and evaluating programs.

  • Creating employee playbooks for onboarding, escalations, etc. to  resolve common questions.

  • Refining job descriptions to create clarity and improve performance.


Managing Projects, Change Initiatives, and Stakeholders

Helping you successfully manage programs, navigate change, and gain critical stakeholder buy-in for your organization.

Services include:

  • Directing projects and stakeholders, plus executing meeting planning, facilitation, and follow-up.

  • Delivering tools and best practices to help clients self-manage projects.

  • Creating organizational change strategy and job function clarity.

  • Leading grantwriting and research.

Project examples:

  • Defining new business goals and creating bite-sized action steps.

  • Delivering business development and communications plans to help a travel company grow their business.

  • Facilitating planning workshops for a philanthropic foundation.

  • Managing grant research and proposal writing for a non-profit.

Developing Leaders and Teams

Guiding you in learning and practicing the essential skills needed for managing yourself, your teams and partners.

Services include:

  • Advising business owners, organizational leaders, and teams (staff and volunteers).

  • Designing and facilitating custom workshops for teams of all sizes.

  • Crafting good habits, best practices, and tools for busy professionals.

Project examples:

  • Advising a startup leader on weekly prioritization, time management, and communication for greater ROI.

  • Facilitating workshops to establish core team values and how to operationalize them for a non-profit.

  • Coaching a new business owner on public speaking and crafting pitch decks for prospective investors.

What Clients Say

"I can't recommend Dan / Ives Consulting LLC enough! I engaged Dan to take my business to the next level, and I could not have anticipated how effective his services would be. Together, we've launched a quarterly newsletter and communications plan; established new strategic partnerships and improved my business development approach for greater ROI; and revamped my website and marketing. Dan has become a close advisor and has kept me accountable and on-track. He has become an indispensable partner in my business."

Jonathan Goldstein, Business Owner

Meet Dan

Founder and Principal

Curious about the mind behind the practice, and why it's named Ives? Click to learn more.

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